Interested in joining the क्रम (Krama) lab?

General Information:

We are looking for students to assist with various research projects related to machine learning, namely on topics related to topological data analysis (TDA), optimal transport (discrete problems), combinatorial optimization, and geometric deep learning (graph representation learning and work with point clouds), to name a few.

Interested students must have a background in computer science and/or mathematics and knowledge of at least one of the following programming languages: Python, C++, R, and MATLAB. I am also open to co-supervise mathematics students who are seeking to apply mathematics to machine learning and data science in general.

For more specific instructions on how to join, please carefully read the instructions that apply to you. Use the subject line provided, so your email doesn't get ignored.

Undergraduates at IIT Hyderabad:

[subject line]: “for undergraduate research projects”

We have had several undergraduate researchers over the years, and they have gone on to enjoy great success in a number of areas. We are now accepting highly motivated, serious, and committed students to work on projects in the lab. Email to mkaul [at] cse [dot] iith [dot] ac [dot] in your CV with the current CGPA, major, list of relevant courses taken, mark transcript, intended hours in the lab per week, previous research experience, and future goals. Include a brief description of your research interests and how you see a fit with the research carried out at क्रम (Krama) lab. Dr. Manohar Kaul will follow up to meet and talk about research opportunities available.

Prospective graduate students (Ph.D. and M.Tech RA/TAs):

[subject line]: “for graduate research projects”

I welcome these emails, but they should include a CV, research interests, a list of relevant course work, a transcript, and your programming experience. If you wish to join the क्रम (Krama) lab as an M.Tech or Ph.D. student, you must first successfully gain acceptance to the relevant program at IITH. After that, we can discuss the possibility of joining the lab. We cannot accept students directly prior to acceptance to IITH. Further information on how to apply can be found below.

To apply for an M.Tech program at IIT Hyderabad:
To apply for a Ph.D. program at IIT Hyderabad: